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  B I O G R A P H Y
Ulf Enhörning, born 1956 in Stockholm, Sweden, grew up in Sweden, Canada and the United States. At an early age his grandmother, Louise Peyron, also a painter, introduced him to the works of old masters at galleries in Stockholm. She told him stories about their lives and also encouraged his interest to draw and sculpt his siblings. Salvador Dali was Ulf’s greatest hero at this time, but when he later immigrated to Toronto with his family at the age of 15, he was greatly inspired by the mystical landscape paintings of Lawren Harris.

At the age of 21, Enhörning was introduced to oil painting at the University of Waterloo, Canada. His first painting was of a nude, which he placed in an imaginary landscape of mountains and a sky full of clouds. Her face resembled a work his grandmother had painted of his mother. He became obsessed with this painting and felt the need to work on his own and quickly found a studio space on campus where the teacher would visit to see his progress. Later he studied briefly at the Victoria College of Art, Victoria, Canada, but did not stay long as he felt the teachers were imposing their views too much.

During his twenties he experimented with colour discovering a vast world and means of expressing emotion and a simple but elegant technique for mixing shadow colours.

 Squares I, 24" X 36" In 1983, at the age of 27, Enhörning returned to Sweden retracing his roots. In Uppsala, he began a series of geometrical com-positions, exploring colour and its relative nature. Squares I was the first one in this

series. The process felt much the same as musical composition. In 1987, he had a solo exhibition based upon this theme in Toronto's Yorkville which he called "visual music". Later that same year, he returned to British Columbia. There, he continued to paint, write songs for voice and guitar, and study electronic music at the University of Victoria. He had previously worked with one of the first computer music systems in the world, the Structured Sound Synthesis Project (SSSP) at the University of Toronto.

In 1992, he painted She as an expression of his feelings for a woman. In his search for colours that would express his feelings, he found a new palette of soft pastels in a warm glow.  She..., 20" X 24"

Having previously painted with more contrast, Ulf was now drawn to a gentler world of less contrast and warmer colours bringing an ethereal light to his essentially empty landscapes of land, sea and sky.

 Inside-Outside II, 30" X 36" Sometimes, these landscapes are seen from inside a house, through a window or door. The viewer escapes the confining interior of convention and tradition to wide open spaces to distant horizons of hope and to sensual cloud formations free from a rigid man-made world dominated by static

straight lines of logic. There is a deliberate dichotomy in his dialog between opposite elements; inside and outside, architectural and natural, straight and curved, shadow and light, confinement and open space, reality and dream.

His work has been compared to Lawren Harris, René Magritte and Christopher Pratt in its surrealistic quality and architectural elements.

In the spring of 1999, Ulf had a solo show at "Bean around the World" in Victoria, BC, Canada. He had several paintings looking through windows, but had introduced a new perspective. The viewer was now invited to look down at an angle through a window opening to restful fields of patched farmland spotted by shadows of clouds.

Inspired by a good review, Ulf decided to take the idea further and began Cloud Shadows while his show was still running. This became the first painting in a series of aerial views. He now removed the window frame  Cloud Shadows, 48" X 48"

entirely and tilted the angle 90 degrees to the horizontal - straight down. In a sense he had returned to the colour compositions he had begun in Sweden in 1985, but the squares now consisted of patches of farmland. However, he would still choose the colours of the fields in much the same way he would compose his abstract paintings or music.

 Prairie Clouds, 6" X 6" In the summer of 1999, Ulf went back to Sweden for a family reunion. There, he began his large series of miniature paintings. The small format allowed him to make quick painting sketches outside and to expand his visual vocabulary.

Since then, he has painted more outside in what he calls the large studio where the ceiling is really high. There is an endless amount of things to paint outside, but he still paints with the same adherence to a sense of balance. He uses the real world as raw material and then transforms it into his own vision.
 St. Paul's across Bay, 6" X 6"
 City View, 6" X 6"

In the winter of 2001 he stayed in Vero Beach, Florida where he worked on a theme song to be presented at Toronto's bid for the 2008 summer Olympics. This song, Stars Shining, was later performed by a choir of 150 children.

In the spring of 2001, Ulf drove diagonally across America from Florida to British Columbia, the west coast of Canada. This trip took three weeks and has been documented with photographs in his diary. He stayed a couple of years on Salt Spring Island and in 2004 he went to Portugal to find inspiration for an upcoming show in Stockholm, Sweden.

During the winter 2004/2005, he drove to Algarve, Portugal and painted landscapes and cityscapes on site. Having built a bed in his car by removing the passenger seat and a box on his roof painted with clouds, it enabled him to travel around the country and paint.


  S O L O    E X H I B I T I O N S   (2000)

  G R O U P    E X H I B I T I O N S   (2000)