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Somewhere, 139 x 174 cm, oil on linen

Painting for me is simply a way of channeling my visual imagination.

To work with color and form on a two-dimensional surface gives me a deep meaning in my life as an artist, much like a religion can. My imagination, together with a deep knowledge of colors gives me the neccessary tools to express an intense inner reality that feels more real than the mundane one.

Umbrellas and balloons, 100 x 100 cm, oil on canvas

When I started painting at 21, I drove through the rocky mountains of Canada. I experimented with mixing colors in different combinations. In my tent, I discovered, in a dream, an obvious method of mixing shadow colors, which of course is necessary to be able to create the illusion of light in a painting. Light and space are the two most important attributes present in my landscapes, whether they come from my imagination or from me painting on site in a picturesque village in Portugal or on the countryside in Sweden.

Montofoli in Greece, 70 x 100 cm, oil on canvas

Although I've been painting for over forty years with over 150 exhibitions in America and Europe, I feel like I've just started! There are so much more ideas to explore. There is a long queue of ideas waiting patiently to materialize on canvases and panels in various formats.

Presently, there are 968 paintings on my site. 150 of these are for sale.

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